Our Story

   Carolina Grits Company is a family owned and operated Mill nestled on the banks of the Tar River in Nash County, North Carolina. We produce small batch premium quality grits and corn meal varieties. Traditionally stone ground and whole grain. Our products are certified gluten free and with no added preservatives. 
   Carolina Grits Company was founded in 2005 when retired engineer Ron West decided to rebuild an old engine.  He tracked down a 1927 Hercules Hit and Miss engine on a farm in eastern North Carolina.  While they were loading up the engine parts, Ron noticed an old milling stone almost completely buried beside the barn.  On a whim he purchased the set of stones to add them to his engine project.  They decided to mill some local corn creating a beautiful mix of grits and cornmeal.  Carolina Grits Company was born!
   Ron began taking is refurbished engine and mill to the Nash County Farmers Market to showcase the machine and sell grits.  Over the years Carolina Grits..... (more of the story coming soon).